Who is Jack Shamama?

I'm a seasoned multimedia producer with over 15 years of experience producing a wide range of projects, but recently have been focusing on film production and distribution. 

In 2012, I produced the independent feature film "I Want Your Love", which won critical acclaim and screened internationally at over 80 film festivals to consistently sold-out crowds. In addition to selling the DVD and VOD rights to over 15 countries, I was able to negotiate a theatrical run in France and Germany.

As a Brand and Product Manager I was able to mange and oversee some of the best-known gay brands, including NakedSword and Falcon. Based on extensive market research and analysis, oversaw a complete rebranding of Falcon's Mustang, Falcon International, and toy line, leading to significant increases in sales for each line.

I have over 10 years experience writing and editing a popular blog. As a freelance writer and copywriter, I've been published in numerous publications. I've won many awards and accolades for my writing. 

I'm passionate about social media, branding and emerging content distribution channels, having created and implemented influential social media campaigns for clients (as well as for myself).